Our Mission: Why Does Apex Sport and Fitness Exist?

We thought we'd make things really hard for ourselves and start by justifying our whole existence!

What's Up with Health and Fitness Content?

We formed Apex Sport and Fitness Content for 3 reasons:

  1. We are long-time enthusiasts and knowledgeable blokes in the field of health, fitness and sports performance;
  2. We have a lot of opinions that we don't get out with coaching alone;
  3. The health and fitness industry is full of misinformation.

Clearly, there's a bit of a problem with these all being true at once. Being knowledgeable is something of a blessing, but it's also a moral obligation to not just sit and complain about the state of the industry. Simply put, working to spread truth means directly dealing with some of the low-quality fluff or plain-bunk out there.

Think about it; how many click-bait or plain-wrong articles you've seen recently? it's probably a whole bunch!

Mainstream health and fitness content -   we went there  .

Mainstream health and fitness content - we went there.

This is why, as a company, we place our commitment to spreading the truth and helping people above everything else. We want to provide the best possible value to clients and their audience, but that means working through the evidence-based practice and how 'what is heard' comes before 'what is said'.

Sicker Than your Average (Sport and Fitness Writers)

We exist primarily to level up the discourse in health and fitness. We provide our clients with their ideas' best possible interpretation. We're passionate about providing the "steel man" for every argument - intellectual honesty, generosity and nuance are sadly lacking.

On the other hand, we're also here to promote a type of writing that people actually want to rea. After all, if your audience wanted to read a scientific paper they'd just read the scientific paper. We don't like reading dry, boring writing any more than you do.

In our work, we try to provide the very best of both worlds. We provide a bridge between the scientific research and the general population. There's no reason that science can't be interesting and engaging - the standard right now just sucks!

So, we're going to state our values nice and big so it's clear what we're about:

  • We will (try) to be right: we put maximum effort into reading and interpreting all the data as comprehensively and effectively as possible. We don't do misinformation or received wisdom.
  • We will focus on nuance: many of the topics we discuss are incredibly intricate and remembering where generalisations break down, or exceptions/caveats matter, is key to integrity.
  • We won't make strawmen: this is never acceptable - we aren't here to misrepresent anyone's argument.
  • We will focus on providing the right answers: it's not about being right - it's about providing the right answers and information to solve the problems of your audience. This doesn't just drive sales (that does happen), but it helps your audience and adds real value to every single second.

These are essential aspects of the content we create and they've led to our clients loving our work - as well as their audience loving them!

The Big Goal

When did learning become boring? When did movement and exercise become a chore instead of a game?

This industry is about the best things in life: self-improvement, chasing goals and performing awesome feats of strength and athleticism. The fact that cheap spam-content has made it boring and trite is a real travesty.

This is the whole reason we're out here creating great content - and why we've aligned ourselves with such awesome brands.

We're in the business of edutainment: we're here to change the game and make health and fitness content engaging again. While we love a good rant and nailing a topic down, this also means understanding where the science stops and the person starts - an inclusive and goal-oriented approach to health, fitness and wellbeing.

We're here to make it happen - through outstanding content, coaching knowledge, and all kinds of great/awful puns. Just you wait and see!

Make Physiology Fun Again


Take Part in Our Mission - Define Health and Fitness With Us!

Do you know what the basis of a lively, evolving community is? It's not rare candy, it's Communication. 

We want to hear from you - on this blog and far beyond. We've made a commitment to respond to every inquiry, discussion and post that comes to us. This means that when we ask to hear from you, it's not a marketing ploy: we really want you to vocalise your opinions - no matter how dumb you worry they'll sound, we guarantee they'll only improve the discourse!

If you're sick of the amount of bunk that's out there and you think it's important to cut through it (with factz) we'd love to hear from you - whether you're aligned with our views, want to work with us, or simply let us know your thoughts!