Making IG Content People Don't Hate (in 500 words)

Most fitness businesses on Instagram are boring and their content doesn’t work. If you’re reading this, that’s probably you.

Today, we’re going to use 4 points to change that (because everyone hates reading lengthy marketing-jargon nonsense).


Be Anti-Generic

Nothing screams “crap social media marketing” like an outdated meme from 2012, especially if you’ve had to really force it to be relevant to your services/products.

Literally everyone hates that. Engagement doesn’t count if the comments are laughing at you.

The same goes for motivational posts. You might get that sweet double-tap you’re searching for, but you didn’t engage anyone and now you’re known as a corny, indistinct business.

The point of this rant? Don’t be generic. If I can’t tell your brand identity or values from your posts, then nobody else can, and your marketing sucks.

Instagram users are scrolling through killing time and there are 100,000,000 other pieces of content doing the same thing. Stand out or you’re just another crappy Instagram account.


Be Anti-Personal

If your social media presence is indistinguishable from my Aunt, you’re doing it wrong.

Personal Instagram accounts are for documenting your boring life or flexing on your ex. Businesses don’t need to get lost in that chaff.

You’re here to make content that shows off what you do or adds value within your niche. Nobody wants to see your landscape photo (unless you’re in the photography business).

Respect the engagement level

If we wanted your memoirs in fitness, we’d buy the book; the point of an Instagram post is a short burst of value-rich content.

Please stop posting content that results in several screens’ worth of text.

That’s not an Instagram post – you’ve just dropped a blog post in my feed and now I’m going to get a repetitive strain injury scrolling down.

Getting someone to stop and look is a win on Instagram and other low-attention sites. Simplify – make it punchy.

Respect the niche

This means staying within your niche and boxing clever with their interests. If you’re trying to sell PT services, consider two alternatives:

·       Determinations of K-values ad how they can be used to improve your volume-monitoring for better programming and effective on-the-fly adjustments

·       Actionable snippets with cool photos/videos that take a fresh perspective on a topic

The first is uninteresting to anyone but us, sadly. You’re not speaking to the interests of your followers – or their friends, or the hashtags you’re trying to gain traction in.

Remember: it’s about what your audience want to see, not just what you want to show off.


This is where we usually put a conclusion, but you just need to execute on these lessons – read them out in your head every time:

·       Is this generic?

·       Is this something you’d find on a personal Instagram?

·       Is this punchy enough to interrupt scrolling?

·       Is this more about me than my audience?

If the answer to any of these is yes, go back to the drawing board and stop being boring.